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eShop First is the Ideal online Search engine and guide for all eBay sites with the fastest search engine.

eBay is a great online shopping with billions of products from millions of sellers. eShop First is a comprehensive eBay affiliate website that has made search on eBay easiest, fastest & most secure !


The Advantages of eShop First:

  1. Get a bird’s eye view results from all eBay sites by just typing your items and pressing Search.

Only type in your query and Press Search (Enter) Tada! get an overview of different results from all official eBay sites that provide Free Shipping (If you are sure for shipping)

  1. Have the first 100 Results in your first search with all the details (Seller’s information, shipping info and Items category).
  2. Click on the flags for the corresponding eBay domain.
  3. You can bargain on an item

Just click on Advanced. (Adv. ✓) and choose Bargain on Price (Best Offer ) and you can negotiate with the seller for a lower price!

  1. You have a secure shopping from higher rated sellers*

Click on Adv. (Adv. ✓) and purchase items from higher rated sellers with green stars (✺Feedback) with high positive feedback ranges like 99-100% or 100%.

  1. You can also find Returnable items and Top-Rated sellers*
  2. You can browse 100 pictures of your searched term on eBay? *

Just click the picture then browse all the images and select your items desired image and fly to your item.

  1. You can find out which items are eligible for free shipping if you are not sure for shipping. *

Just do you search and items with F$ (free shipping) sign will show up.


More details and many other features of eShop First will give you more power for a perfect eBay shopping.


eBay Shopping for All Countries

Buy, Bid, Bargain on eBay

No Ads, No Login and No Cost!

Free! Free! Free! Free! Free! Free! Free!


* Only provided from eShopfirst not the conventional eBay sites


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